Plate plasma cutting machine Remax-1530 is used for cutting metal materials, such as

stainless steel, mild steel, and Aluminum etc.


1.All-welded structure, Y,X axis with rack and linear guide drive,Z axis with electric

automatic lifting,to assure cutting speed and quality.

2. दोहरी ड्राइव, स्थिर प्रदर्शन।

3.The set-up is very simple, all kinds of CAD graphics can be read directly by our

system trough U-disk.

The software can be edict graphics automatically.

4.Plate plasma cutting machine Collocated U-disk interface and cutting code auto converting

software for CAD drawing, CAD drawing can be input directly into the cutter through U-disk.

Machine parameter:

प्रभावी काटने चौड़ाई (एक्स अक्ष)1500 मिमी
प्रभावी काटने लंबाई (वाई अक्ष)3000 मिमी
प्लाज्मा शक्तिhypertherm
चलाने का तरीकाBilateral-side
सीएनसी प्रणालीBeijing START CNC
प्लाज्मा काटने की गति50-6500 मिमी / मिनट
काटने मशाल उठाने की दूरी150mm
गति सेटिंग त्रुटि≤ ± 5%
Max Idle running speed12000mm / मिनट
मशाल ऊंचाई नियंत्रक सटीकता≤ ± 1.0 मिमी
अनुदैर्ध्य लाइन सटीकता± 0.2 मिमी / 10 मी
मोटर और ड्राइवरstepper motor and driver
गियरबॉक्सHubei planet
ड्राइव विधिRack and square rails for X  Y Z axis
गतिमान परिशुद्धता0.01 मिमी प्रति चरण
शक्ति का स्रोत380 वी 50/60 हर्ट्ज
Height controller(plasma)PHC330-Arc voltage height controller for plasma cutting
प्लाज्मा काटने की मोटाई1-32mm
length of a side± 0.5mm 
विकर्ण त्रुटि | AD-BC |± 0.5mm 
Base point return error± 0.2 मिमी 
प्रतिच्छेदन बिंदु त्रुटि± 0.5mm 
Lineation forward- reverse error± 0.2 मिमी

Our service:

A Guarantee of CNC router cutting machine :

पूरी मशीन के लिए 12 महीने।

सामान्य उपयोग और रखरखाव के तहत 12 महीनों के भीतर,

if something is wrong with machine, you will get spare part for free.;

12 महीनों में से, आपको लागत मूल्य पर अतिरिक्त हिस्सा मिलेगा।

आपको जीवन भर तकनीकी सहायता और सेवा भी मिलेगी।

B Technical support:

1, Technical support by phone, email or MSN/Skype 24 HOURS

2, Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk

3, Engineer available to service machinery overseas

सामान्य प्रश्न:

A This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?

There are english manual or teaching video that show how to use machine.
If there is still have any question, please contact us by e-mail / skype/ phone /trademanager online service at any time.

B If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do ?

अगर मशीन में कोई समस्या है तो मशीन की वारंटी अवधि में आपको नि: शुल्क पार्ट्स भेजे जाते हैं।


The minimum order is 1 set machine, if you order more one time, the price will be better.

D How can I buy this machine from you? ( Very easy and flexible !)

1. Consult us about this product on line or by e-mail.

2. Negotiate and confirm the final price , shipping , payment methods and other terms.

3. Send you the proforma invoice and confirm your order.

4. Make the payment according to the method put on proforma invoice.

5. We prepare for your order in terms of the proforma invoice after confirming your full payment.

And 100% quality check before shipping.

6. Send your order by air or by sea.

E 10 good reasons why you should buy from us?

1 we are a real factory offering products

2 free technical advice by QUALIFIED MECHANICAL ENGINEERS

3 company in business for many years

4 over 50 countries customers served!

5 buy direct saving your money!

6 all machine with CE, ISO, BV certificate.

7 machine and spindle warranty 1 year.

8 our engineer can go to your country to provide technical guidance

9 we have phone support in English, if you have any questions, you can call it,

we can give you a best solution within 24 hours

10 fast delivery, save your time.

जल्दी से विवरण

स्थितिः नई
उत्पत्ति के प्लेस: शेडोंग, चीन (मुख्यभूमि)
Voltage: 380v
Rated Power: 1000w
Dimension(L*W*H): 3460X2020X1800mm
वजन: 1000 किलो
प्रमाणन: CE, आईएसओ
1 साल की वॉरंटी
बिक्री के बाद सेवा प्रदान की जाती है: विदेशी सेवा मशीनरी के लिए उपलब्ध इंजीनियर्स
Application: Portable cnc flame/plasma cutting machine with servo motor
Work area: 1500*3000mm
Control system: START
Power: HYPERTHERM power
Transmission: gear rack guide
Square orbit: Taiwan imported HIWIN square orbit
Driver: leadshine driver
मोटर: स्टेपर मोटर
machine body: 5mm steel
Software: FASTCAM

संबंधित उत्पाद