अलीबाबा चीन शीट धातु प्लेटें स्टेनलेस स्टील के लिए सीएनसी प्लाज्मा कटर प्लाज्मा काटने की मशीन 1325

जल्दी से विवरण

स्थितिः नई
वोल्टेज: 220V / 380V
रेटेड पावर: 8.5KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 1300mm*2500mm/1500mm*1300mm
वजन: 1500 किलो
प्रमाणन: एफडीए
वारंटी: 2 साल
बिक्री के बाद सेवा प्रदान की: उपलब्ध प्रवासी सेवा केंद्र
Name: Sheet Metal plates cnc plasma cutter/ plasma cutting machine 1325
उत्पाद का नाम: Sheet Metal plates cnc plasma cutter/ plasma cutting machine 1325
Application: Sheet Metal plates cnc plasma cutter/ plasma cutting machine 1325


तकनीकी पैमाने

कार्य सामग्री
Iron sheets, Aluminum sheets, Galvanized sheets, Titanium Plates
कार्य क्षेत्र
काटने की मोटाई
काटने की गति
0-8000mm / मिनट
Supply Power
इनपुट वोल्टेज
220v single phrase
ऊर्जा आवृत्ती
Files Tranfser
यूएसबी इंटरफेस
अनटच्ड आर्क स्ट्राइकिंग


हमारी सेवा

(1) Two year quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge when if any problem during the warranty period.
(2) Lifetime maintenance free of charge.
(3) Free training course at our plant.
(4) 18 hours on line service each day, free technical support.
(5) Machine has been adjusted before delivery.We will take machine photos and make machine working image for you ,after gettingyour agreement ,then we will book a ship.
(6) Providing technical services to the door(We have professional engineers to offer machine installation commissioning and maintenance)
(7) If you have any problem during your use.you need our technician to judge where the problem is and help you to solve it. We can provide team viewer and skype with cam till all of your problems solved.


सामान्य प्रश्न

1), क्यू: आप बिक्री के समर्थन के बाद है?
एक: हाँ, हम सलाह देने के लिए खुश हैं और हमारे पास कुशल तकनीशियन भी उपलब्ध हैं। हमें आपके व्यवसाय को चालू रखने के लिए आपकी मशीनों को चलाने की आवश्यकता है।

2), क्यू: मुझे यकीन नहीं है कि यह मशीन मेरे काम के लिए उपयुक्त है?
A: Don't worry, just tell me your working materials, max working area and cutting thickness,then I will recommend you the most suitable machine for you.

3), क्यू: आप कारखाने या ट्रेडिंग कंपनी?
A: We are factory, which manufactures CNC cutting machines , with 10 years experience in CNC machine’s industry.

4), क्यू: क्या अन्य चीजों की जरूरत के बाद हम अपने मशीनों खरीदा?
A:With plasma cutting: need plasma power source and air compressor. You can match plasma power supply by yourself, or buy together with the cutter from us, it's optional.
If you buy from us, we will connect the wires of plasma power source and CNC cutting machine together, then more conveniently to use.

5),Q:How can i do if the machine goes wrong?
A:If confronted with such problems,online service is offered,you could contact our sales. Also,we offer engineer delivery service.Please contact us asap and don’t try fix the machine by yourself or someone else.We will response within 12 hours as quick as we can to solve it for you.

संबंधित उत्पाद