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Applied Industies

विज्ञापन दुनिया:

विज्ञापन संकेत, लोगो बनाना, सजावटी उत्पाद, विज्ञापन का उत्पादन और विभिन्न प्रकार की धातु सामग्री।

ढालना उद्योग:

तांबे, एल्युमिनियम, लोहे आदि से बने धातु के सांचों को उकेरना।

धातु उद्योग:

स्टील के लिए, कार्बन स्टील, स्टेनलेस स्टील, मिश्र धातु इस्पात, वसंत स्टील, तांबा प्लेट, एल्यूमीनियम प्लेट, सोना, चांदी, टाइटेनियम और अन्य धातु की थाली और ट्यूब।

Advantage of the machine

1. 3 डी प्रकाश पत्र और नाली पत्र, उच्च परिशुद्धता के पैनल और बोतल प्लेट के लिए सक्षम दोनों।

2. विनिर्माण विज्ञापन पत्रों की असेंबली लाइन बनाने के लिए अन्य विज्ञापन उपकरणों (मशीन, नक्काशी मशीन आदि) के साथ मिलान करना

3. Cutting edge is tiny and tidy without any drop outs, so avoiding retiming.

4. उच्च काटने की गति और परिशुद्धता, स्वचालित एआरसी हड़ताली, स्थिर प्रदर्शन, एआरसी हड़ताली की सफलता का अनुपात 99% से अधिक हो सकता है।

5. The whole structure is scientific, easy operating and durable. Support ARTCUT, ARTCAM, TYPE3, etc.

Parameter of this machine

working Area1300*2500mm(51*98nch)
Cutting Tickness(40A)0.5-10mm (120A)3-16mm (200A)3-25mm ( according to your detail material)
Moving  Speed0-50000mm / मिनट
काटने की गति0-10000m/min
काटने की सटीकता±0.02mm
Power SupplyHWAYUAN / अमेरिकी HYPERTHERM (HPR) / अमेरिकी THERMADYNE

इनपुट वोल्टेज

3 Phase 380V

ऊर्जा आवृत्ती

50 हर्ट्ज
Flies Transferयूएसबी इंटरफेस
Arc typeUntouched type
Moterstepper moter or Panasonic servo motor
नियंत्रण प्रणालीडीएसपी या स्टार्ट कंट्रोल सिस्टम


Applicable materialSteel,carbon steel,stainless steel, Iron plate ,aluminum and copper

सामान्य प्रश्न

Q1: How can I get the best machine for me?

You can tell us your working material, detail work by picture or vedio so that we can judge whether our machine can meet your need or not. Then we can give you the best model depends on our experience.
Q2: This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
Yes, We will send you manual and guide vedio in English, it can teach you how to operate the machine. If you still can not learn how to use it, we can help you by "Teamviewer" online help software.Or we can talk by phone, email or skype.

Q3: Do you have any manual for your machine ?

Yes , We can offer you the english manual of Machine, Controller and the Design software!
Q4: If the machine has problem in my place, how could I do?
We could send free parts to you in warranty period if machines have any problem under "normal use".
Q5: This model is not suitable for me, do you have more models available?
Yes, we can supply many models. such as EC5030,EC6090,EC1290,EC1390,EC1410,EC1325,EC1530,EC 2040so on.Replacement of some part based on your need. The above are most popular. If it can not meet your requirement, then tell us. We have the ability to make specially according your requirement!

Q6: Can you arrange the shipment?

Yes, we can , we can send the machine to your nearest port , we will arrange everything for you , and tell you what you need

Q7:how should i pay for my order ? what is the procession of this purchase ?

we accept TT by bank. you can do 30% prepayment at first, then we will start to make production. when the machine is ready , we will take pictures to you, and then you can do the ballance. after we got your payment. i will send the machine to you.
Q8:how about your service after sales ? can your engineer speak fluent english ?
we offer the service from you got the machine, including how to install the machine, how to use machine. how to let machine work. and so on. usually we will teach you how to do by email or by skype . our engineer has many years of experience for cnc machine service . so he can slove the problem in short time.

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